Wolverine doesn’t run away from bullets. Bullets run away from Wolverine.

Imagine being hunted by a creature who wields the power of the sun. #XMen

During tests, teachers always had to watch out for Rogue touching the smartest kid in class. #XMen #X2 #ThrowBackThursday

Operating as “Tandem Initiative,” Trask Industries continued their covert mutant experimentation. Now M-Underground has exposed them. http://bit.ly/TandemIsTrask

The future is here. #XMen
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Peter Maximoff only eats fast food. Show us your skills using the Hyperlapse App and tag it with #XMenQuicksilver.

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Join the fight to save the future. US: http://bit.ly/XMenBlu-ray 

Happy Birthday Hugh Jackman!  May your healing factor keep you young at heart!

Try to find an opponent who isn’t one of the world’s most powerful psychics. #NationalChessDay

The truth comes out: Tandem has secretly performed deadly research on mutants for years. http://bit.ly/TandemLies 

Steel yourself. 

Could the Tandem Initiative be a cover for Trask Industries? This audio file indicates a connection: http://bit.ly/MutantAudioLeak #XMen #mutanttruth

Deadly research has been conducted on mutants for decades. See these unarchived autopsies from Trask Industries for yourself: http://bit.ly/MutantAutopsy #XMen #mutanttruth

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Quicksilver + face appreciation

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